Ana Arruzza

Naturally energetic and excited, I am a believer that everyone can access their best all the time and be able to feel alive.

Yoga has transformed my life physically and mentally. My joy now comes from passing on that gift to others, watching them move and grow.

I have seen the benefits Yoga brings to each and every one of us, regardless of age or current physical condition.

My teaching week is a unique blend. It takes me to local studios, school and church halls – intensive sessions sandwiched between workouts - as well as to Retirement Villages where students in their nineties take part in ‘Chair Yoga’ workshops, modifying and adjusting the physical practice to accommodate the aging body. I also take deep relaxation classes introducing Mindfulness and Meditation as a resource for our mental health care.

I have traveled and studied widely to feel qualified to share my experience. Everyone has their own yoga journey. I started mine aged seventeen studying The De Rose Method in Brazil. A light bulb moment. Yoga instantly became a lifestyle for me.

Although in the early years my primary joy came from Asana practice, my awareness of the physical and mental benefits of Yoga grew and I continued to study.

After moving to Australia twenty years ago, I was introduced to both Synergy and Ryoho Yoga styles, taking both as my primary practices. Those different teachings inspired me to continue to explore.

After moving to Hobart in 2007, and following the birth of my first child, I moved my practice to a more traditional and holistic approach, through the teachings of Satyananda Yoga. At around this time I started a Yoga teacher training in Hatha Yoga with the VIYETT, for personal interest not thinking that I’d one day become a teacher.

While Satyananda Yoga provided me with the traditional and spiritual aspects of Yoga, my interest in physiology took me into learnings and practice of Iyengar, Ashtanga and back to the traditional Yoga, the teachings of Krishnamacharya.

I started teaching Yoga in 2010, after the birth of my second child. Even so, I continued to study and explore, constantly attending workshops, courses, and conferences. I have also immersed myself in the learnings and teachings of Mindfulness and Meditation through Hart Life Coaching and Yoga Nidra.

Although not following one specific lineage, I am adhering to the teachings of Patanjali and TKV Desikachar in my everyday life as well as in my sessions.

My classes are a mix of finding relaxation and building strength; a space to find self-realization, peace and physical fitness. Expect to see references to other forms of exercise in my classes and learn how you best move and feel.

I am a certified Hatha Yoga Teacher, Chair Yoga, Meditation and Mindfulness teacher, member of AAYT (Yoga Australia) and IMMA (International Mindfulness and Meditation Alliance).

I have recently embarked on a Yoga Therapy studies journey with The Yoga Institute to further my knowledge and be yet more prepared for personalised yoga practice teachings.

To discuss how yoga could help you, or enquire about available class/appointment times, call 0425300571 or email:


Ana Arruzza