Chair Yoga

Chair Yoga practice has an approach of Therapy. It's a way of exercising that adapts to your needs and abilities. It helps you in becoming more in touch with yourself and your body, enabling you to accept who you are and where you are at, creating a positive approach to life.

The physical Yoga practice is mostly seated and standing, with the relaxation (yoga nidra) either on the chair or lying down (at your choice).

Ana Arruzza has been teaching Yoga with the use of chairs since 2011.

The use of chairs is particularly welcomed by people with injuries or just the everyday Senior, as it has a gentler approach.

Senior classes take in consideration the various needs and special conditions that some people may have. The physical aspect, asanas/postures are linked to the breath, creating focus and allowing each individual to pace themselves. Breathing practices are taught for different benefits. The session also includes Yoga Nidra (relaxation) which is usually very popular.